Our Concept

EMTG is a Dutch company specialized in recruiting nurses from Portugal, Spain and Italy with the aim of offering them a job in Dutch healthcare. We work with an enthusiastic group of professionals. We have extensive knowledge of the European labor market in the Cure & Care sectors. We also offer intensive support for our European nurses such as mentoring,
housing, commuting and intensive language training.

Welcome to the European Multi Talent Group Academy

We specialize in finding ambitious and highly motivated staff. Our Academy is the place to be to develop the talents of our students. Take a look at the site and taste the atmosphere of our EMTG Academy.

Our Core Values

Our core value describes itself as developing talents among our students with the aim of making them independent to speak Dutch and to get an independent life within the Dutch culture.

Welcome to The Netherlands !!

Thank you for showing your interest in the care of The Netherlands. The Netherlands has one of the best operating health care systems of the world. Will you be part of it?

Six years ago the entire health care system was reorganized by the Dutch government. The purpose was to make the care more efficient and to provide care at a lower price. Everybody now in The Netherlands can afford good health. A good example for the rest of Europe.

Working as a nurse in The Netherlands means working in modern buildings and with the newest techniques. We are an employer and the core of our business is to help you getting independent.

We let you work at the right place to help you develop your personality and your technical skills. We start by teaching you a new language, by teaching you Dutch. In The Netherlands you don’t need to speak the highest level of our language. For example: in the United Kingdom you have to achieve level C1 (IELTS 7) and in Holland level B1. B1 is a reasonable level to communicate. 90% of the nurses that perform the exam for IELTS 7 do NOT pass the exam and eventually will not work as a nurse. The Netherlands the opportunities for a nurse are much easier to achieve.

The Netherlands is a lovely country with open minded people and a multi cultural attitude.

You get the same salary as a Dutch colleague and you do the same tasks as a Dutch registered nurse. Do you like to study and specialize yourself at a higher level, no problem in the Netherlands.

The name of our company means to reunite the nurses of Europe and help the nurses to develop their talent.

Please read this brochure and get answers at all your questions. Do I get the honor to welcome you in our beautiful country?

Arnold Smeink

chief executive officer

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