Calle Barcelona, Jávea, España

Dutch Course Level A1

Method: CODE plus, part 1, second edition 2013.

Content and aim:

With the help of short dialogues, we aim to learn around 600 words in total. Listening, speaking, reading and (a little) writing are central. We also pay attention to form like correct structure of sentences and verbs. The central point in this part is to be able to communicate.


The next themes will be studied:
  • To introduce yourself and introducing someone else – Jezelf en iemand anders voorstellen
  • Days, months and seasons. Watch the clock – Klok kijken
  • Eating and drinking – Eten en drinken
  • To live in the Netherlands – Leven in Nederland
  • Asking for and explaining directions – De weg vragen
  • Travelling in the Netherlands, how to use public transportation – Gebruik openbaar vervoer
  • Clothes and describing how one looks – Kleding en uiterlijk beschrijven
  • Free time and going out – Vrije tijd, uitgaan


Gramar and Spelling:
  • The sentence: subject and verbs, question words; the question sentence, capital letters and signs: the main sentence and inversion
  • The verbum: the present; ‘hebben’ and ‘zijn’ the present; modal auxiliary verbs; the perfectum, regular and irregular
  • The pronoun: personale as the subject and as the object; possessive en demonstrative
  • The substantive: singularis and pluralis
  • The adjective: with or without ‘-e’ after the adjective; comparative and superlative
  • Het article: ‘de’, ‘het’, ‘een’
  • The counting words: rangtelwoorden (first, second third etc.)
  • The negation: ‘niet’ or ‘geen’, the place of ‘niet’ in the sentence
  • Spelling: single and double consonants and vocals


Work forms:

The start is listening actively to get acquainted with the vocabulary and the grammar. We use DVD and audio material. New words and structures are being practised during the classes. Short dialogues are frequently used. The pronunciation is practised with special exercises.

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