Calle Barcelona, Jávea, España

Dutch Course level A2

Method: CODE plus, part 2, first edition. 2013


Content and Aim:

The student gets acquainted with functions of languages, grammar and vocabulary (around 1000 new words). Communication is central.

The next themes are studied:
  • To buy and to sell. Knowing ordering products. Measures, weight, form and price
  • Services: to send mail, public library, opening a bank account, town hall
  • At the doctor’s: health, illness, accident, GP- surgery, questions and reactions during a visit to the GP and/or pharmacy, medicines.
  • Relations: I miss my family
  • Education and Courses. How are you doing with this course
  • Art and Culture. saying, expressions, the art of painting (Rembrandt and Van Gogh)
  • Work: your profession. What do you do at your work? Colleagues. A job in home care / a nursing home/ a hospital
  • News, weather and traffic.


Grammar and Spelling:
  • The sentence: two main sentences; a main sentence and a sub-sentence, the relative sub-sentence
  • The verbum: the imperfectum, regular and irregular; the infinitive with and without ‘te’; separable verbs in the main sentence; the futurum; the imperative
  • The pronoun: indefinite and reflexive
  • The substantief: the diminutief
  • The adjective: the superlative with and without substantive; compares
  • Morfologie: the conjunctions; the form of the word


Work forms:

The essential components of this level are the abilities to listen and to speak. Interactive oral- language- encounters between the student and the teacher. Use of DVD and audio materials.

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